Best Windows Software For Color Blindness 


Color Blindness can affect you as you operate your windows computer, be it for work or pleasure. However, there are some superb, lightweight software solutions to help us work within color first world. Unfortunately, almost all of these tools are old, however, they do work and they will assist you and your color vision. From time to time new solutions arrive and when they do, I will update the website.

This software will work on Windows 10 and Windows 11.


Windows 10 and 11 Color Filters

This is Microsoft’s built in solution. Simply go to the search bar and type in “color filters,” then simply switch it on to enable it and then select which kind of colour blinders you have. This applies a filter to everything displayed on your computer. Allowing you to better differentiate particular colors on screen.

Once on, you can use the Windows shortcut of “Windows Key + ctr +C ” to toggle it on or off.


WhatColor For Windows Color Blind Users

WhatColor by Hikarun is a simple color picker that allows you to see what color anything on your screen is. It gives you the HEX code and the real world name for the color. It is lightweight and works flawlessly. I use it all the time when doing anything with color from Photoshop to web design. An invaluable tool.


Again, older software, built for me one simple feature. It allows you to screen grab anything on screen and then apply filters to that screen grab. The key filter is the Hatching filter and hatching capabilities. Which automatically detects the various colours and applies different hatchings or symbols to the colors across the screen. Allowing you to use, for example, the color key on a graph or chart. Or clearly see which colors are similar etc. Brilliant piece of software.

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