Best Mac Software For Color Blindness


Best Mac Software For Color Blindness

So you are an Apple Mac user (MacOS, IOS) and you’re struggling with various aspects of the OS as you navigate around the color first world they present. Well look no further, for her I have compiled a list of mac software for help color blindness and color blind users. Hopefully, some of these solutions will allow you to navigate your favorite software with ease.

1: Apple OS

Use Apples in house color blindness solution. This allows you to put filters over the screen, correcting colors for your deficiency.

On your Mac, use the Colour Filters pane of Accessibility Display preferences to adjust display colours for colour vision deficiencies or to tint the entire screen to make it easier to read text. See Use colour filters.
To change these preferences, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility , click Display, then click Colour Filters.

2: Color Blind pal

A great tool that is similar to WhatColor for windows, it allows you to inspect any color on the screen and get the real world name for the color. Invaluable when looking picking colors on the Apple mac or when looking at graphics, pie charts and other color coded keys.


Older software, built for me one simple feature. It allows you to screen grab anything on screen and then apply filters to that screen grab. The key filter is the Hatching filter and hatching capabilities. Which automatically detects the various colours and applies different hatchings or symbols to the colors across the screen. Allowing you to use, for example, the color key on a graph or chart. Or clearly see which colors are similar etc. Brilliant piece of software.

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