Best Color Blind Glasses


Best Color Blind Glasses

Over the years, I had often asked myself and been asked by others about color blind glasses, and wither or not I should buy a pair. However, because of the price point, I had always been excluded from the conversation. However, there are now affordable solutions available (links below) and I can say with confidence, wearing color blind glasses at least for a short time, is a very strange, possibly rewarding, definitely challenging, experience.

Before purchasing color blind glasses, be aware of your kind of color deficiency or if you are buying for a friend, be aware of their color deficiency. You can read and take various Color blind tests here. Alternatively, each of the main colorblind glasses manufactures have color blind tests on their sites. However, the cheapest option, do not!

My experience with color blindness glasses.

How do you describe seeing color? So that is the first question. Did the glasses allow me to see the actual color? Red, in my case, as a strong protan. So just for clarity, I bought cheap Chinese glasses for a strong Protan. When I put the glasses on, everything that was red looked like it was lit up NEON. That is the only way I can describe it. The colored lens tinted everything with a pinkish tint (so the wife told me, i.e. that is what she seen when she tried them on, however, she did not experience the NEON effect). I drive a red car; I struggle with red. My car looked super saturated, like someone had photoshopped it, boosting its color artificially. I then drove to work, not recommended. Why? There were so many road signs that use red and so many new things for me to see on the road, a road that I drive every day, that it was a distraction. I did not wear them driving home.

So, I can confirm that wearing the glasses allowed me to identify red colors. However, at the cost of tinting everything else with a strange pink. Are they useful? Yes. I keep my pair handy and use them when photoshopping, or looking at the internet, finalising things, or times when I need color assistance. I will put them on for another perspective. Recently, I went to the safari park and took them there for a fresh perspective on the big predators moving in the grass.

Now, one of the main questions I had was, if I wear a pair of these color blind glasses can I defeat the classic Ishihara Color Vision Test, and the anser is Yes. Wearing the glasses allowed me to pass the test.

The two big players in the color blind glasses space.

Enchroma and Pilestone are the two biggest names in the space. They both have spectacular websites, color blind tests, and marketing. Yes, marketing for days and days. Maybe this is why their glasses are so expensive! Enchroma color blindness correction glasses and Pilestone color blindness correction glasses are available for a range of color deficiencies and are also available in a number of styles.

Now, I do understand that they are running a business and providing a solution for color deficiency but when you can go onto Ali Express and buy similar glasses for $10, you have to ask why are they so expensive and at these prices are they trying to help people?

Regular prescription glasses can now be bought online for $25! Custom made lenses for your eyes, $25!


Enchroma color blind glasses

Start at $200


Pilestone color blind glasses

Start at $100

The Other Brand

Vino color blind glasses

Start at $257

The Cheapest and most accessible option.

This is the option I went for!

AliExpress – Chinese Non Brand.

Start at $10

What Are Colorblind Glasses?

Colorblind glasses are eyeglasses designed to correct color blindness. They are also sometimes called “color vision glasses.” There are different types of color blindness, including red-green color blindness and blue-yellow color blindness. People with color blindness often have difficulty seeing certain colors or distinguishing between colors. Colorblind glasses can help correct these problems and assist colorblind people to see or define colors that may be harder for them to see.

What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is a condition in which people are unable to see certain colors, or cannot see colors as clearly as other people. Color blindness can occur in different forms and degrees. The most common form is red-green color blindness, where people have difficulty distinguishing between red and green. Severe color blindness, where people cannot see any colors at all, is much less common. People with color blindness often have trouble with everyday activities, such as choosing clothes that match, or putting the name of color to the color, using graphs and charts. There are several different types of color blindness, and the degree of color blindness can vary from person to person.

How Do Colorblind Glasses Work?


Colorblind glasses work by helping those with color blindness to see colors more clearly. Color blindness occurs when someone is unable to see certain colors, or when they see colors differently than others. If you’re colorblind, it’s usually because one of your cones isn’t working right, causing some wavelengths to overlap. This makes it hard to tell the difference between colors. Colour Blind glasses have filters particular wavelengths of light that get rid of the overlapping wavelengths, so colors are easier for your brain to interpret. Like a fire break, to my understanding, the glasses absorb or disrupt the light, stopping your brain from seeing a particular colour, giving your brain a chance to distinguish between two colors that it previously seen as one.

Who Can Colorblind Glasses Help?

Colorblind glasses help people with color blindness or severe color blindness to see colors more accurately. Color perception is the ability to see colors. People with complete color blindness cannot see any colors. People with severe color blindness cannot see some colors or can only see a limited number of colors. The degree of color blindness varies from person to person.

Why Are Colorblind Glasses So Expensive?

Colorblind glasses are very expensive because they are not mass-produced. Only a limited number of companies make them, and each company has its own patents and production costs. That’s why colorblind glasses cost so much. But in fact, the production costs are not high. The technology companies are choosing to keep prices high. There is no reason for them to be the same price as the premium designer brands of regular prescription glasses.

What do people with color blindness see?

Color Blindness is a condition where people with color deficiencies see colors differently than people with normal vision. There are different types of color blindness, and people with color blindness may see colors differently than people with normal vision. The truth is, no one knows.

What causes color blindness?

Color blindness is a condition where people are unable to see certain colors, or they see colors differently than other people. Color blindness occurs when there is a problem with the way the light-sensitive cells in the eye work. These cells are called cones. People who are color blind have trouble seeing red, green, or blue.

Are Color Blind Glasses Really Helpful?

Color blind glasses may help give a different perspective to those with color blindness, but they come with the risk of odd color vision. While glasses really can help improve color vision to the colors that you may struggle with, they may not be the best option for everyone. But I would recommend trying them and having a pair, as it is a real experience.

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